We have had a great couple of days in Singapore.

The flight here, via a brief airport-based stop-over in Hong Kong, was more comfortable than I had expected (given we flew economy). LSW and I saw a lot of films!

We are staying at Villa Samadhi. This is well outside the city centre in the midst of a rather tropical natural park.  It has proven to be an excellent, relaxed and authentic choice.  The breakfast in a nearby, related restaurant accessible by a walkway through sub-tropical vegetation, has been particularly satisfying and the service has been wonderful.  The hotel is surrounded by the constant sound of wildlife and is very different from the modern high rises in the city.

Villa Samadhi, Labrador Natural Park

Singapore has a strong sense of order and discipline.  Old Chinese, Peranakan and ex-British colonial co-exist alongside the ultra modern skyscrapers and extraordinary hotel complexes, but in a rather pristine, structured way (though Chinatown and, I expect, Little India are muddled enclaves). Overall, the architecture – such as the magnificently upgraded National Gallery – is startling.

St Andrews Cathedral

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Downtown Singapore – Old Riverfront Bars, New High Rises


While we have been here, we have managed to catch up with a cousin and some friends who live in the city. That has kept our stay grounded in something other than pure tourism and has been a lovely diversion from sightseeing.

Gardens by the Bay

Inside the National Gallery Singapore – The Rotunda


Chinatown Temple Amid Modern Singapore

Looking forward now to Brisbane, slightly less punishing heat and humidity, and Youngest Son!

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