Tetbury: On The Way To London

Last week, Long Suffering Wife (LSW) and I attended a social and shopping event at her place of work near Tetbury. It was nice to be invited (albeit, last minute), fun, and good to meet some of her work colleagues so as to put faces to names.

This week, LSW has shuffled her work hours to the start of the week so we can slip up to London for a couple of days. We’ll be staying in my previous Barbican flat while Eldest Son (ES) is away on a work trip to Helsinki.

I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to going to one of our favourite restaurants tonight (Campania), seeing old friends tomorrow, and then breakfasting at The Ned on Friday. Saving up our eating-out entertainments for these short bursts in London sounds good to me!

Meanwhile I have been dropped off in Tetbury while I wait for LSW to complete her final shift at work (and write this post) before we can leave for London.

View Of Tetbury From the South

Tetbury is a old wool market town. Today, it buzzes with antiques shops and (mainly) attractive, independent outlets. The main streets around the market house are lined with lovely aggregations of old houses and the town centre exudes a feeling of wealth.

Tetbury Church and Market House

The town is surrounded by pretty, rolling and well maintained countryside. However, there are some new and large housing developments on the edge of the town. They look well built and neat but are all faux Cotswold stone, small windows and packed in. Fortunately I found other vistas to enjoy with frosty ground below and clear blue sky above.

Walks Near Tetbury

Passing a few rather aimless hours in and around Tetbury has been very relaxing. Now on to London…

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